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JST-Calolite(LP)is a powder additives, provided with Heating Massage Effectiveness by Self-heating system, when this applied to the moisture remained on the skin and body, the Heating Effectiveness can be endowed, JST-Calolite(LP) aids the expansion of the skin pores so that it take easy the eliminations of the unclear things, also dedicated to anti-aging virtue.
To minimize of skin irritations, JST-Calolite(LP) is also classified as the functional powder product which maintains at low-pH as well as excellent heating effects, additionally the radiation of Far-IR(Infrared Rays), leads to the skin activity and vitality.
It is the synthetic functional powder product, applied with the Zeolite which is a kind of Sodium-
     Aluminosilicates minerals, harmless to the human body.
Self-heating effect of JST-Calolite(LP) is applicated from absorption ability of various low-molecules  materials including water, particularly it has the excellent heating effectiveness with moisture adsorption.
Tasting the contacting time long on the skin and body, Endowing the minimization of skin irritations, as results, seeks to optimize the Heating Massage Effects.
Also, has side effects (Bio-effects), promotion of the skin activity and vitality by a radiation far-IR resulted from heating effects with a moisture adsorption.
Self Heating Mask
Before Body Cleanser & After Body Cleanser
Before Shampoo & After Shampoo
Before Hair Coloring & After Hair Coloring
Sauna Steam Pack & Massage Pack
Self Heating Massage Cream
White fine powder
Al2O3, SiO2, Alkali metal
9.0 ±0.5
Avg. particle size
< 3.5㎛
> 40℃
Bulk density
0.4 ±0.05 g/cc
1 --> H2O : Calolite(LP)= 1.2 :1 (wt. ratio)
10kg PE film. 25kg box(inner film)