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CWT-A is the brand name of Nontoxic Antibiotic Agent and an additives for use in products that need to  eliminate microorganisms.
CWT-A is an inorganic antibiotic agent, which consist of inorganic carrier and metal ions as silver ions and zinc ions. CWT-A is manufactured by harmony of antibiotic mechanism and our molecular design technologies. which is extremely stable in light and heat.
No discoloration under ultra-violet
Semi-permanent durability
High dispersion property
Side effect : deodorization, bio effect
Anti-bacterial efficacy (FITI)
    Escherichia coli : E-coli, ATCC 25922 : 99.9%
    Staphylococcus aureus, ATCC 6538 : 99.9%
White, fine Powder
Zeolite, Zn
Loss of Ignition*1
< 3.0 wt%
Avg. Particle size(d50)
< 3.5㎛
< 1.5㎛
> 93
Thermal resistance temp.
< 800℃
Application field
Fiber, paper, film, Plastic article etc.
 1 : 700℃, 1hr, calcine
25kg box(Inner film)